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Falls Trail – Ricketts Glen State Park, Pennsylvania

A visit to northeast Pennsylvania for the ultimate waterfall hiking experience Today, California Trekking becomes Pennsylvania Trekking to take a brief detour out of California and cover one of the most – if not THE most – spectacular waterfall hike … Continue reading

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Santa Rosa Creek Trail – Fiscalini Ranch Preserve

A delightful creekside stroll in Cambria’s Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Summer is upon us, and unless you’re fortunate enough to live very near the ocean, it’s hot. Really hot. But, while the interior of California is roasting, it’s still cool and … Continue reading

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Rinconada Trail – Los Padres National Forest (Santa Lucia Ranger District)

A pastoral Central Coast hike with sweeping views and historic mining ruins San Luis Obispo County offers a wonderful variety of hiking opportunities, both near the coast and farther inland. While the county’s numerous coastal parks generally teem with visitors, … Continue reading

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Book review: Hiking and Backpacking Santa Barbara & Ventura, by Craig R. Carey

The Los Padres National Forest stretches along California’s Coast Range from just south of Carmel at its northern end to just west of Interstate 5 near Castaic at its southern end.  The forest consists of two separate regions: the northern … Continue reading

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Trout Creek Trail – Garcia Wilderness

Sublime creekside hiking on a little-used trail in the California Central Coast’s Garcia Wilderness Looking for a pleasant way to enjoy the beautiful spring weather? The Trout Creek Trail provides an excellent day hiking opportunity on a very lightly-used trail … Continue reading

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Headlands Trail – Harmony Headlands State Park

A lovely hike to the sea in one of California’s newest state parks First opened to the public in 2008, Harmony Headlands State Park is one of the newest state parks in California.  While the park is quite small at … Continue reading

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Tomales Point Trail – Point Reyes National Seashore

Experience stunning ocean views and see the Tule elk herd on a classic Point Reyes hike Located only an hour’s drive north from downtown San Francisco, pastoral Point Reyes National Seashore seems a world away from the noise and traffic … Continue reading

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Welcome to California Trekking

Hello and welcome to California Trekking! California Trekking is a blog devoted to discussing hiking opportunities and other outdoor activities throughout California.  As the site expands, I’d like to include a wide variety of hiking trails from around the state, … Continue reading

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